“Still Looking Young” — Yoruba Actor Yomi Gold, Based in the UK, Celebrates His 52nd Birthday in Grand Fashion

Actor and Nollywood star Yomi Gold Alore thanked his fans and followers on Instagram for his birthday on April 16, 2023.The entertainment industry was flooded with messages of congratulations and good wishes when Yomi Gold celebrated his birthday and thanked God for another year of life.Nigerian actor, director, producer, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and influencer Yomi Gold Alore is well recognized for his work in Yoruba films.



He’s garnered a huge online following because to his reputation as a talented actor who can convincingly portray a wide range of characters.Yomi Gold has shown his adaptability and love for animal husbandry by pursuing a profession in acting while also engaging in goat breeding and rearing in the United States of America.Yomi Gold’s dedication and hard work in the entertainment industry have been widely recognized over the years, garnering him a number of awards and nominations, including Best Supporting Actor at the City People Entertainment Awards and Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Best of Nollywood Awards.Yomi Gold’s continued success in the entertainment business is commemorated by this momentous occasion.Here’s hoping that whatever he does from here on out is met with nothing but success and blessings.

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