Get to Know Adunni Ade’s White Mother, Emily Faye (Photos)

Actress Adunni Ade of Nigeria has taken to Instagram to honor her mom on her special day.

The actress shared a sweet video of her mom on Instagram along with a touching caption.
Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you,” Adunni Ade wrote in the card.

Many of Adunni Ade’s fans and professional colleagues in the entertainment business have posted birthday greetings and prayers for her mom in the comments area of her latest video.

A supporter wished her a happy birthday. I share her special day with her. It’s my birthday today!

Someone someone chimed up with, “Omo It’s really getting to me, and I don’t know why. Wishing her a joyful birthday!

When another user chimed in, “My Mum”s birthday pal….Greetings on your special day, mother.The Lord be with ur new age.

Emily Faye is Adunni Ade’s mother. She married a Nigerian man and has spent nearly her whole life in America.

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