Davido acquires a 2023 Mayback days after Wizkid shows off his collections

Just days after his teammate Wizkid Ayo flaunts his car collection—including his third Rolls Royce—singer Davido buys a brand-new 2023 Maybach Virgil Abloh.

Online videos have captured the brand-new car, which has a reported price tag of $530,000, or about N394,000,000.

The new Davido line reportedly features a limited run of only 150 pieces, and the singer reportedly already owns one.

Many people expressed their admiration and even their desire to become as wealthy as Davido on social media.

Wizkid’s automobile collection was recently contrasted to that of Davido, who only owns one of each model.


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Davido discusses his history with Wizkid in a new interview.

You may remember that Davido mentioned his friendship with Wizkid.

Davido said that Wizkid regularly checks in with him by phone once a week on Beat 99.9FM.

He confirmed that they would be going on tour next year and that preparations were well underway.

He went on to say that he and the Grammy-winning performer are likely to release an album.

If I told you (the trip) wasn’t being discussed, I’d be lying to you. We may have to wait till next year. It’s likely that Wiz and I will release a new song soon. Respect to my sibling. Every week, he calls to see how I am doing. Respect to Wiz”

Rejoicing at Davido’s musical comeback

When Davido released his new album, there was widespread elation.

The artist, who just a few days ago made his formal return to social media, made the statement, putting a smile on the faces of his anxious admirers.

In the video that Davido posted on his Instagram, he used a small sample of his album as the soundtrack.

The multiple award-winning artist and his wife Chioma deeply appreciated the outpouring of support they received during his recovery.

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