How I remained a virgin after pregnancy – Sonia Ogiri

The news that Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri has stayed a virgin despite giving birth to a kid has generated a massive uproar on the internet.

The single mother shared the news that she is still a virgin on her Instagram story not too long ago, explaining how this is even possible.

Sonia claims that she has never experienced sexual activity, despite being pregnant and giving birth.

She said that she had no idea what caused her pregnancy and that, owing to “cortisol and adrenaline,” she is still a virgin. In her letter, she said:

“I have no idea what it’s like to be sexually intimate with a man. My virginity is still completely intact and I got pregnant for no apparent reason. The combination of adrenaline and cortisol has kept me chaste.

Just hours before, a Nigerian actress named Destiny Etiko explained why, at age 33, she is still a virgin.

The actress was questioned in an interview with OakTv how many people she has killed.

The beautiful actress claims she has never experienced coitus because she is too anxious in social situations. Quote from Destiny Etiko:

“My severe social anxiety has kept me from ever having a sexual relationship,…” To this day, I have not experienced a relationship on “that level.”

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