Destiny Etiko spits fire: “Na una Mama be Virgin, I’m not a virgin, I have a man” (Watch)

Destiny Etiko, a well-known actress in Nigeria, has vehemently admitted that she is not a virgin.

The actress recently made waves after reportedly discussing her struggles with acute social anxiety in an interview in which she revealed that she is a virgin and celibate.

According to online rumors, Destiny has never been in a relationship that progressed to a sexually intimate level.

The screen siren posted a new video to her Instagram story in which she vehemently denied giving any kind of interview about her sexual life and disproved the rumors that she was still a virgin.

She went on to lash out at the rumor mongers for chase clouting with her name. Destiny expressed disgust at being labelled as a virgin, of all things.

Destiny continued her Instagram story by writing;

There hasn’t been a single article or interview about virginity, and yet everyone seems preoccupied with my name.

That’s proof positive of my significance and importance.


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