Regina Chukwu brags that she is called “Big Gina for a reason” before her housewarming party

As she prepares for her much-anticipated housewarming party, Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has continued to boast about her name.

Big Gina, as the mother of two children proudly announced, would be hosting a housewarming celebration on May 1.

‘BIG GINA FOR A REASON,’ she penned. First of May is about to be a film. The party must begin.

Conditions for attending Regina Chukwu’s housewarming celebration

You may recall that Regina Chukwu had a requirement for her admirers if they wanted to attend her lavish housewarming.

After describing the challenges she faced raising her children as a widow, Regina Chukwu proudly displayed her brand-new home.

After the loss of her spouse, Regina found herself unable to pay rent and was forced to move back in with her parents.

She slept outside with her mosquito nets and other protections because of the many people in her family.

The actress claims the housewarming party will be spectacular thanks to the generous contributions of her fans and professional peers.

Some of Regina Chukwu’s admirers expressed interest in attending the party, and she responded by telling them to buy the aso ebi before they could obtain an invite.

To whom shall I send invitations to my housewarming/birthday party?” We’re about to have a little fun. “AsoEbi’s out there because mah loud gan niiii.”

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