“She’s become so stunning as she’s matured,” Broda Shaggi and others respond to the rediscovery of old photos of Emmanuella

Comedians and longtime followers of Emmanuella, the Comedian, have responded to a compilation of old footage of her that just went viral online.

The star, who has been famous since she was five years old, has a lot of fans because of her decade-long tenure in show business.
Mark Angel, who has been an integral part of her humor from the very beginning to the present day, and herself are both included in the video collage.

Fans have responded to the post, with some joking that she is finally of marriageable age. Some feedback is as follows:

My Emmanuella, as Lizzyndilla put it, has blossomed into a lovely young lady. kept an eye on her ever since she said, “DO KNOW MY REALLY FACE.”

God is good, am a loyal admirer, the comedian rash said of himself.

Kelvinstark predicted that the men will soon arrive to capture Emmanuella. But how much do you want to spend on a bride? Perhaps If.

Kingsgoldcomedy said, “Emmanuella is officially an aunt now, ooo.”

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