Would I marry? Wumi Toriola screams at producers for not providing her love roles

Wumi Toriola, a popular actress in Nigeria, has spoken out against the roles she’s been given by Nollywood producers.

Wumi Toriola, when promoting her newest film, spoke out against the violent parts she’s been playing and how they’ve affected her love life.

The mother of one was joking in the message, but she did talk about the positive aspects of her happy marriage.

She declared, “With all these responsibilities, shey I go marry so.” You neither love them nor do they love you back if you play the role of a producer.

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Wumi Toriola’s divorce from hubby is official.

After only three short years of marriage, Wumi Toriola’s marriage ended in divorce.

The actress gently let her Instagram followers know by posting a TikTok video of herself that quickly went viral.

She was shown in the video debating whether or not to be married.

She dithered for several minutes about whether or not to choose the married option before settling on the being option.

For the first time, Wumi Toriola discusses her infamous affair with Toyin Abraham’s husband.

Wumi Toriola had finally spoken out about her affair with Toyin Abraham’s husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

The mother took to Instagram to deny the rumors, saying the source article was malicious and full of lies.

Wumi Toriola said that she and Toyin Abraham’s current and former husband did not have any sexual relations.

The accusation that I “slept with a colleague’s husband” was brought to my notice this morning by a malicious comment on Gistlover’s blog.

The remark is not only incorrect, but also wicked and malicious, with the explicit goal of smearing my good name.

I did not have any sexual encounters with either the person in question’s current or previous husbands.

I don’t understand why this person’s supporters are so intent on smearing my name and so eager to stir up ongoing animosity, but this is the last time I’ll be commenting on anything related to them.

I’m past that now. The future is where I want to be, and my primary interest is in filmmaking. Queen Lateefah is the next production I’m working on for the major streaming services. That is where I will focus my attention going forward, rather than replying to those whose only interest is in my demise.

As long as God is in control, there is no way I can fail. Because he is the best, God will always be the sole provider for my needs.

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