Nkechi Blessing says that nothing is “sweeter” than someone taking the husband you stole

Nkechi Blessing is a well-known actor from Nigeria. Sunday showed one of the most beautiful turns of events in marriage.

She said that nothing would make her happier than to see a woman who stole someone’s husband get him back from another woman.

Nkechi Blessing’s comment seems to be aimed at her partner, Nuella Njubigbo, whose ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere, just got married to a third wife.

He was first married to actor Sophia Williams. Later, he fell in love with Nuella, and in 2014, they got married.

But Tchidi and Nuella broke up in 2021, and he just told everyone yesterday that he is now living with another woman.

Nkechi Blessing wrote on her Instagram that a difficult web of relationships is very entertaining and satisfying because the woman in the middle has been served the same meal she served the first wige.

The star wrote, “Nothing sweet will make you go get my husband, or make someone else come get me again.” Ara Agbala snatcheee!!!

Tchidi, an artist and movie director, told his Instagram followers that he got married to Kenechukwu Ezeh again.

He showed off his new wife’s ring finger and wrote, “Married! We did it here a few months ago to let my friends and fans know I’m OK and HAPPY. God is in charge.”

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