Huge pledge from Wizkid: his concerts in Lagos would be free of charge from now on (Video)

Wizkid had previously stated that this year would be his final performing in Lagos, however during his performance he claimed that his statements had been misquoted.

Wizkid, a father of four, pauses in the middle of his set to clarify his reference to “his last performance in Lagos.”

The “Essence” singer admitted that he needs to start wrapping up his sentences because the internet isn’t getting him anymore.

He stated that after his followers had supported him for the previous 12 years while he grew to fame and became worth billions of naira, it was unfair for him to conduct multiple performances throughout the world and then return home and his people would still pay to watch him play.

Wizkid then said that from this point forward, all of his concerts in Lagos would be provided free of charge to his devoted following. Keep on watching the video;


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Check out the reactions of internet users to Wizkid’s free gig announcement in Lagos;

sheik_alasiri_agba: Wizzy say last show in Lagos una say he is ungrateful and now he say last paid to perform show una still dey talk say na lie,wetin this guy collect for una hand…just asking respectfully Sha #machala.

okunade_yetunde: I believe my popsy ????????????, luv u more my Bigwiz, proudly FC forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

dc_standard001: “Be like say, i have to start finishing all my sentence when i start because dem dey misquote me everyday” ???????? Big wiz????

papiijameh: Na till 3024 before Wizzy go free for una again be that o.

dbonycarson: This boy don lie many times before no be today…na so he promise that small boy 5m to start with him career mtcheeeew lol.

obabiggee01: This one resemble dangote for ur face ? Nd guess you heard him saying his not talking about people like you haha , he said his people.

arinholla_gram: Man knows how to get dem haters crazy!!!!!???????????? love Big Wiz forever and ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

laporchbarbie13: Wizzy don high ???????????????? believe wizzy at your own risk.

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