The Current Appearances of 13 Nollywood Heartthrobs

Heartthrobs, ‘beautiful boys’ of Nollywood, masculine love interests… call them what you will.These men were the “fine boys” who carried most Nigerian love films throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Their protagonists were perpetually entangled in relationships that were either morally repugnant, were not approved of by their families, or had gone bad.

Many people in Nigeria were watching these men regardless of their roles. Many people had photographs of these men on their walls, in their books, and in their diaries.

That, however, was then and this is today. These men are much older today, and their once-shiny, fine-boy appearances have aged. How do they appear now, then? Have they aged gracefully, or do you think their days of dazzling beauty are behind them? I’m not going to tell you what I think of these men; instead, I’ll just show you photographs of them and let you draw your own conclusions. Leave a comment on my Facebook post or share this article with your ideas and opinions as you see fit.

Are you ready to take a peek at how your childhood crushes have changed over the years? Okay, then, let’s get started.

1. Mike Ezuruonye

When Mike Ezuruonye first appeared on the Nollywood stage, he quickly became a fan favorite among many Nigerians. Quickly becoming one of Nollywood’s most in-demand actors, he left an indelible mark on the hearts of many with his fair skin and lover-boy parts.

Time has passed since then. Is Mike Ezuruonye still relevant in your opinion?

2. Pat Attah

Pat Attah shot to fame after he was cast in the smash film Glamour Girls. The then-young actor has played the character of the guy in love several times since. In most cases, the woman’s family did not approve of him because of his poor character. There were were instances when he was just the bad boy. No matter the persona, Pat Attah left a significant mark on the hearts of people.

Do you believe Pat still had it after all this time has passed?

3. Chidi Mokeme

Even though he primarily appeared in action thrillers, actor Chidi Mokeme managed to win the hearts of many fans. At the time, audiences adored Chidi Mokeme whether he was playing the hero or the villain.

How confident are you that Chidi still has it after all this time has passed?

4. Van Vicker

Even now, when people hear the name “Van Vicker,” they often experience a strong emotional response. In that year, he dominated the Nollywood scene. Back when he first came out, everyone was talking about him. In particular, he lit up the screen anytime he was joined by Nadia Buari, a major star in Nollywood.

The Van Vicker of yesteryear is not the Van Vicker of today; much time has passed since then. Is it possible that this new Van Vicker still has what it takes?

5. Desmond Elliott

Another dude that year who generated quite a commotion. Desmond starred in numerous romance films, and he consistently won over audiences. People were swooning over his sweet, baby face and the trials his characters endured in movies that year.

There has been a long delay now. Is Desmond Elliott likely to still have it?

6. Ramsey Nouah

These days, Ramsey Nouah’s acting career is thriving. However, the characters he plays now are very dissimilar to his earlier ones. Ramsey Nouah’s early career was marked by his success in the role of romantic lead. The actor routinely drew swoons from the crowd whenever he appeared on screen with stunning leading ladies like Genevieve Nnaji.

There has been a long delay now. Is Ramsey Nouah still a threat in this league?

7. Jim Iyke

Former bad boy of Nollywood Jim Iyke is a household name. With his impressive oyinbo accent and knack for portraying radical bad boys, he shot to the top of his field that year. The boy has undeniable skill, and for some reason, fans adored Jim Iyke no matter the part, even when he was being crazy.

Years have gone, and the Jim Iyke of yesteryear isn’t the Jim Iyke of today. Is it possible Jim has kept hold of it?

8. Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi was another performer who had people’s pulses racing. The fair-skinned actor lit up the screen in roles like “boy in love whose parents don’t approve,” “boy in love who’s broke,” and “boy in love whose relationship is morally repugnant.” Audiences always seemed to be on Nonso’s side, no matter what he was playing, and this was largely owing to his good looks.

Do you still think Nonso Diobi has what it takes now that so much time has passed?

9. Yemi Blaq

In contrast to the many actors on this list whose pale skin caused a stir, Yemi Blaq has always had very black skin. When Yemi was at the height of his fame, every woman and her mother wanted to marry him. Today, he is still universally adored.

Do you still think Yemi Blaq has what it takes now that so much time has passed?

10. Fred Amata

Since Fred Amata typically portrayed ministers, I found this one particularly amusing. But in every film I’ve seen him in, he always played the irresistible preacher. The women at church were a constant source of temptation, and nine times out of ten, he gave in.

Do you still think Fred Amata has what it takes now that so much time has passed?

11. Emeka Ike

Many people felt a thump in their chests thanks to Emeka Ike that year. Emeka Ike was adored by Nigerian fans because he was consistently portrayed as a romantic lead, whether in rural or urban settings.

After all this time, in your opinion, does Emeka Ike still have what it takes?

12. Yul Edochie

In comparison to others on this list, Yul Edochie arrived on the scene a little later, but when he did, he made quite an impact. People couldn’t get enough of Yul, and he swiftly became a global sensation.

Do you still think Yul Edochie has what it takes now that so much time has passed?

13. Richard Mofe-Damijo

Without including Richard Mofe-Damijo, the list could not have been completed. It was the one movie he did with Stella Damascus that I believe was responsible for the insanity that year in my backyard. RMD was, and is, the western equivalent of Idris Elba or whatever it is that he is compared to.

Do you think Richard Mofe-Damijo still has what it takes, now that so much time has gone since hit the screens?

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