“My wife’s s€xy body makes me want to have more children.”Sanyeri Glorifies His Spouse

Sanyeri, aka Olaniyi Afonja, a prominent humorous actor, posted some beautiful images of his wife Ola Sassy on his official social media account. Ola wore a magnificent traditional white dress and head tie for the photos, and she looked just stunning.

Sanyeri told her how beautiful she was and how appealing she was. He went on to say that their public displays of affection have helped them grow closer as a pair, and that he is completely smitten with her.

Ola had previously stuck by her husband even when he had nothing. They are living it up now that Sanyeri has made it as a comedic performer.

Ola recently had a memorial service for her father, which was attended by many famous people. She and her two successful adult children currently reside in Ontario, Canada.

Several months ago, a video of the pair speaking with an American accent went viral, and they quickly became a media sensation.

Bobrisky recently made a public statement representing her fellow “Runsgirls,” during which she discussed the impact of the falling value of the Nigerian Naira on their business.

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