Destiny Etiko finally explains why she dumped her adoptive kid Chinenye and adopted a new one (Video)

Destiny Etiko, a well-known star in Nigeria’s film industry, has reportedly broken up with her adopted daughter, Chinenye Eucharia.

This was made public by the curvy Nollywood actress in a video that has since gone viral, in which she claims that Chinenye has been extremely rude and ungrateful to her.

Destiny Etiko, who was reluctant to disclose more details about what actually occurs, has indicated that she loves Chinenye and that she meant well but has repeatedly injured her.

She said that she knew something wasn’t right with her when she met Chinenye because she saw someone who didn’t come from a privileged home and decided to help her.

This comes after Destiny Etiko surprised her adopted daughter Chinenye with a birthday party and a brand new iPhone 11 pro a few months ago.

She acknowledged that she was puzzled as to why she used to help others, especially because she was rarely thanked for her efforts.

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But now that Destiny Etiko has taken in the daughter of her gate guy, she refers to her as her “Hausa Princess.”

Destiny Etiko, who uploaded the video, commented, “My baby is growing so fast?????? DEAREST HAUSA PRINCESS??? Will not cease being pleasant??? She may grow up to be wild, unpleasant, irreverent, ungrateful, and a backbiter, but at least this one is still very little. “Sha, that’s good.

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