Basketmouth responds to Comedian AY’s 30k story: “I no want make that guy near me” (Video).

Basketmouth, a well-known comedian in Nigeria, has responded to Comedian AY’s claim that the two of them beefed each other over a sum of money (30,000).

This response was made in a video of Basketmouth speaking to his supporters during his ongoing unprovoked tour, which has since gone viral online.

Recall In a recent interview, comedian AY revealed that in 2006, he was duped by his former colleague, Basketmouth, over a sum of money totaling 30,000.

AY added in the interview that he has tried to reconcile with Basketmouth now that they are both wealthy, but that Basketmouth has refused every time by saying, “I’m a beast, I don’t forgive.”

AY also said that he invited his wife to the wedding of rapper Basketmouth, but they were denied entry because of their ongoing 30,000 feud.

Basketmouth said that he would have loved to talk about the feud with AY during his unprovoked tour, but he didn’t because some people would have recorded it and it would have become leaked and many would have thought that he had reacted.

At the end, Basketmouth says it straight: he doesn’t want AY anywhere near him ever again.

Check out the clip down below;


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Look at the comments below;

enosenty1: Look, I don’t think AY is going to need your support to get greater than he is; weda you forgive him or not, he’s a BIG SHOE for the industry. Na, God, huge snub.

olaola_gram: After all his efforts to reconcile with him, Ay should give up and go on with his life. God knows he tried to make things right, but no man is an island and life must go on.

ernyhydee: If AY hadn’t been successful, I don’t know what you’d have to show for.He is no longer interested in hearing from you because he no longer needs to rely on you for financial support.

sexy_ladies: OMG! Unforgiving folks scare the hell out of me. How is it possible that you can bear resentment forever? Why can’t you forgive without being friends????????????????

Justice_crack: Basketmouth is a very wise guy, judging by what he is insinuating about AY.

onbreathe: Nor bi 30k alone,Na wey ting AY inform the Organisers and people,na bring query???? However, let there be peace.

equityikomeson: e AY is too desperate; just because you want to succeed in life doesn’t mean you have to spit rhymes with people higher up the food chain. Those men sacrifice their platforms so that they may hear your words.

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