Odunlade Adekola’s 46th birthday: enormous money cake, cakes, frames, and more (Video).

Odunlade Adekola, the birthday boy, has displayed the enormous money cake, cakes, and other gifts he received.

According to Kemi Filani, the actor/movie producer turned 46 today and has been thanking God for another year of life.

Odunlade, whose birthday is the same as that of his coworker Femi Adebayo’s, wrote a thank-you note to God on his Instagram account. He reflected on how God had been with him every step of the way.

Since the beginning, God has been responsible.
+1 for your boy.

The link to my birthday present is in my bio.

The actor, currently reveling in the glow of his birthday, has posted a new update in which he shows off some of his presents. Odunlade Adekola was pleasantly pleased with a gigantic money cake, other cakes, beverages, picture frames, and more.

Odunlade Adekola took to Instagram to show his appreciation for all of the presents he had received.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to my sister @damselbrand2006 for surprising me with this amazing gift from @karamosurprises.

Eniola Ajao steals the show from Odunlade Adekola’s wife

Eniola Ajao and her mother, Aunty Mobo, threw a surprise party for Odunlade Adekola on his 45th birthday last year. Eniola caused a commotion on the internet when she interrupted Odunlade Adekola’s wife Ruth during a dance session.

According to Kemi Filani, when the celebrant was spraying money on Odunlade Adekola’s mother, the singer began applauding his wife, saying, “You are not an unfaithful wife, you are a very good wife…” in Yoruba.

Eniola Ajao burst into the dancing session, started bouncing her booty, and stole the spotlight from Ruth, who was being praised for being a nice wife. The chanter soon began hailing her, and she began dancing with Odunlade’s mother.

In addition, Odunlade Adekola publicly recognized Eniola Ajao and her mother during his message of gratitude.

I want to single out Eniola Ajao and express my gratitude for bringing this up and the delicious cake that accompanied it. Aunty Mobo, who has adopted Eniola Ajao as her own daughter, deserves a special mention; Eniola always raves about the wonderful care she receives from her new family. I appreciate your generosity in showering me with cash.I will always be grateful to everyone, but Eniola Ajao and aunty Mobo deserve extra recognition.

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