Celebrating her 34th birthday, BBNaija’s Bambam gets religious

Bamike Olawunmi Adenibuyan, better known by her nickname “Bambam,” has turned 34 today.

In honor of her special day, the mother of two has turned to religion.

Instead of writing a long article about how great she is or how hard life is, Bambam decided to go spiritual.

The woman who is a mother to two children wrote a lengthy letter in which she thanked God and cited Psalm 34:1-22.

I shall always give thanks to the Lord. I shall sing his praises from the rooftops. Let the helpless take heart; my pride is in the Lord. Let us together proclaim the majesty of the Lord and bring honor to his name. I asked the Lord for help, and he provided it. He completely alleviated my anxiety. Those who put their trust in him won’t only be happy, they won’t have a single trace of guilt on their faces. I cried out to God for help, and he heard my cries for mercy. For the angel of the Lord is a protector; he watches over and safeguards those who have faith in him. Experience the goodness of the Lord for yourself. Oh, the happiness of his followers! God-fearing people, have no fear, for the Lord provides for those who put their trust in him. Even young, muscular lions can go hungry, but those who put their faith in the Lord will never be in want. Here, my children, listen to me as I instruct you in the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a long, healthy, and successful life? Stop saying bad things and start doing good instead. Try to find harmony and do everything you can to keep it. Part of her message reads, “The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right; his ears are open to their circles for help……”.

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