How 6ix9ine Transformed the Lives of a Poverty-Stricken Mexican Family with a Million-Dollar Contribution

Rapper 6ix9ine frequently makes headlines. He frequently makes news for the wrong reasons, such as turning on people, getting arrested, etc. However, he also has a positive side that not many people are aware of or display.


6ix9ine Gave Away 1million Peso ($50,000) To A Humble Family in Mexico Full Story below

The contentious rapper is also a generous giver. He distributes money to those in need. Most recently, the rapper made the decision to improve the life of a struggling family while on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.

On his Instagram, he shared a story in which he described his vow to make a $50,000 donation every day to an unrelated stranger. The rapper described seeing a family living in a modest, hut-like dwelling while en route to the airport.



6ix9ine introduced himself by his real name ‘Daniel’ and walked into the humble home. 6ix9ine took the money out of the bag and handled the family over $50,000, which was around 1 million pesos.

The parents of the little children stared in disbelief as the rapper handed them the money and said “This is for you and your family”. The man said that he could not believe what was happening. Later on, the man is overcome by emotions as the woman cries in the background. 6ix9ine can be seen comforting the man.

A comment on the video “My view on this guy is starting to change ❤️” got over 13,000 likes in under a day. So far, the video has gotten over 18.7 million views and has over 100,623 comments.


Other Acts of Charity

This is not the first time that the rapper has openly given money to strangers. Just a months ago, the rapper donated over $20,000 to a random stranger who was selling flowers to feed his family. In the video, he said that he was going to spend that money at the club but he didn’t end up going.

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