Ashmusy’s tight gown causes drama as she tries to breathe (video)

Amarachi Amusi, well known by his stage name Ashmusy, is a renowned social media influencer and skit writer. She was recently photographed in a restrictive attire.

The stunning influencer was caught on camera making an awkward attempt to get into a car.

Since her corset was so snug, Ashmusy found it difficult to relax her shoulders and sit comfortably.


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Ashmusy explains why she never lost her virginity.

You may recall that Ashmusy shared the reasons why she managed to maintain her virginity despite all the pressure. She shared her relief at keeping her pledge to be chaste till marriage.

Ashmusy desired her future husband would live up to her high expectations in a note she sent to him.

Until I get married, I vow myself, she wrote. I’m delighted I kept my word to you, darling future hubby; I pray the wait will be worthwhile.

Some people on the internet took offense to Ashmusy’s statement because they think she was joking.

Ashmusy shares the terrifying story of how she almost died.

Ashmusy told her about the time she almost died while filming a skit. She said that while filming a scene by the sea, she came dangerously close to drowning.

“Guys, I was in danger of drowning in the ocean. As I was writing this, my entire life flashed before my eyes.I was already falling when they sent a rope to pull me to safety. Please, God, hear my prayer for mercy and welcome me into your eternal garden.

My sole thought was that my mother would be devastated. I finally got over my anger and forgiven everyone who had wronged me. I was all set to leave. My only goal in life was to escape this world and spend eternity with God. Make no effort to make each other’s lives more difficult; life is hard enough as it is. At any time, anyone can visit.

“I was saved from certain death by the boat I was holding in the tip of my finger.”

She was saved, but later admitted that she had to go to the hospital because she had consumed contaminated water.

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