DJ Cuppy finally addresses pregnancy speculations

Florence Otedola aka Cuppy, a popular DJ in her native Nigeria, has confirmed rumors that she and her fiance, Ryan Taylor, are expecting their first child.

After posting a video of herself dancing in a skintight pink dress, the Billionaire heiress felt compelled to make a statement.

Numerous people commented on her post, some congratulating her on her pregnancy and others questioning whether or not she actually was carrying a child.

DJ Cuppy, apparently fed up with the constant attention and questions about her claimed pregnancy, responded to a fan who asked her about it.

She underlined the fact that she does, in fact, have a “stomach,” but is not pregnant. “Are you pregnant, Cuppy?” the fan had asked. She then remarked:

“No I just have a BELLLLLLLLY 🤪💕” she replied.


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