Congrats!! Destiny Etiko, an actress, gets a brand-new Mercedes-Benz as a sorry gift from a coworker

Just a few days after being pranked by well-known Nigerian prankster Untouchable, prominent Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko received the biggest surprise of her life: a brand-new automobile.

Destiny Etiko and Untouchable got into a minor altercation because Untouchable pulled a cruel trick on her, and she had vowed not to speak to or forgive him.

Destiny Etiko was upset that Untouchable had played with her emotions the last time, but after receiving a brand-new car as an apology gift from him and his friend umbrella boy, she quickly forgave him and gave him a big hug.

When Destiny Etiko got in her new automobile to give it a spin, a man from out of nowhere hopped in and took off at full speed, leaving Etiko to wonder where on earth he was headed. Both Untouchable and his pal laughed hysterically as they informed her that the car was a joke.

After hearing this, Destiny Etiko became enraged and ran after Untouchable, warning him not to approach her again.

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