Now we must face facts. The internet is questioning Eniola Badmus’s decision to skip Davido’s concert

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus arrived in Nigeria hours after Davido’s Timeless Concert, and the country has been gripped by drama ever since.

Eniola Badmus posted a video of her welcome to the country along with a gushing commentary of praise and thanks. The actress has thanked her UK followers for their support.

Thank you for hosting me, London,” she penned. So long, fantasy. Let’s go home!! “Nigerians, we don’t play.

On her timeline, several people questioned Eniola Badmus’s absence from Davido’s concert, while some said she arrived on the same day as President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Ifeanyi speculated, “As Tinubu returns, you too must return; I detect a fishy odor…”a One-Sabi Strategy…You want to sneak back into town like it’s the weekend, but no one will notice. You’ve planned to return today, but you’re only getting back to town now.

One Author unknown: Jizzy Savage Na wa so play play now all males It’s no surprise that your single is attracting more attention than Asiwaju’s bald head, as the locals believe that your forefathers’ carry out helped place you in power.

One Jkattention mentioned that today’s the Jagaban show and the badoski sef show. Opor

Mama, you don’t need to leave your best friend’s concept behind, so why not come back instead?

Eniola Badmus sneaks into Davido’s timeless concert in the UK in silence.

Eniola Badmus attended a concert by her ex-best friend David Adeleke, better known as Davido, in the United Kingdom without making any noise.

Unlike the previous year, when Eniola Badmus blew up her social media with updates on her journey to the UK and the singer’s show, this time around Badmus has been very quiet.

Eniola Badmus also revealed backstage anecdotes involving the artist, his siblings, and Chioma ahead of his 2022 OO2 Arena performance.

Without updating her followers, the curvier actress attended Davido’s TIMELESS event. In spite of the fact that she posted concert videos to her Instagram story.

The video was a hint that things aren’t great between the musician and the actress, since they were uploaded online.

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