“We all knew she was dating the president” Jackie Appiah is rumored to be getting married to Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

There have been rumors that the Liberian president, George Oppong Weah, is engaged to the famous Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah.

A Ghanaian site reported that the happy couple had set December 26th, 2022 as their wedding date.

The website claims that Jackie and the president have been together for a very long time. In 2016, while he was still in the Senate, the couple began dating.

It was also said that the president himself constructed Jackie’s extravagant residence in Ghana.


The report has sparked conflicting opinions on the sought-after actress. Despite widespread agreement with the reports, others have come to the actress’s defense.

According to Darot Peace Dude: “Every actress in Nollywood aspires to enter politics as her ultimate career goal.”

No wonder,” wrote Queendest Beddings. Is beginning to click in my mind

That Asaba actress don’t go bring out Jackie leg,” Onome Bae commented.

We all knew she was dating a president; we simply didn’t know which one!” laydee nene wrote. Best wishes

When asked about the origins of her home’s funds, one Jane Udensi responded, “Na now we know.” Eventually, everything will be exposed to the light of day. Best wishes to them

It’s no surprise that she owns one of Ghana’s most luxurious mansions, as one Nyere put it. How did she get her money, I wondered?

A commenter named Floxy Ray said, “If that’s it, she went for a very big fish—not like our Nigerian actresses, whose husbands get bone straight and phones after sleeping with people who are hungry after seeing them in bed.”

Women are opposed polygamy because they loathe being with a poor man, as one Conleth Hills put it.

An online commenter named Virtue London warned: “Leave this lady alone, she’s not in any relationship with him, your lies I’d too much, your lies can kill ppl.”

A Sundaimah disproved of that claim. That is not what our president is doing.

Jackie Appiah, the wife of Liberia’s president, is reportedly pregnant.

Jackie Appiah’s reported pregnancy has been circulating the internet for weeks.

Jackie Appiah’s recent appearance on social media caused a stir. Internet sleuths, doing what they do well, have already begun their independent investigation and concluded that the actress is expecting.

She snapped images during the Adonko Next Level Virtual Launch, which took place on September 21st at the Holiday Inn in Accra, adding gasoline to the fire of the rumors.

Massive home owned by Jackie Appiah

According to reports from Kemi Filani, Jackie Appiah’s first home was shown off to the public.

Many people were impressed by the Ghanaian actress’s commercial acumen and rise from poverty to fame.

Cutie Julls posted photographs of her home on Instagram, revealing that the actress had been criticised for living at home with her mother.

Cutie Julls claims that after living in the first house she built for a year, Jackie moved back in with her mother and began renting out the second.

She used the rental income to make down payments on more real estate investments.

Her coworkers made fun of her for choosing to remain with her mother, despite her high position, because of the fact that she was still living at home with her mother.

She persevered, though, and eventually built her fortune on the rental income from her first home.

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