Tonto Dikeh boasts, “Too late to fail a moving train” as she leaves for a major event

While attending her friend and colleague Rachel Okonkwo’s Mega Carnival, Tonto Dikeh has boasted about her lavish lifestyle.

The mother of one thanked her covener for the outing by posting images of herself from the experience alongside a kind remark.

Tonto Dikeh praised Rachel Okonkwo for the change she had made in the lives of the underprivileged and the opportunities she had given them.

She thanked @rechaelokonkwo for her efforts to improve the standard of living in her country.

The success of MEGA CARNIVAL 2023 astounds and astounds me. You’re a fantastic lady, and I’d back you up 100%.

I appreciate you allowing my son to serve others in this way.

Tonto Dikeh also wrote a message on her Facebook in which she referred to herself as an unstoppable train. Her note read, “Too late to fail a moving train.”

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