Pray for your wife if she is unfaithful; she may be going through a difficult time. Advice for Men from Bukunmi Oluwasina (video)

Bukunmi Oluwasina, a well-known Nollywood actress, recently posted a bit of advise on social media for guys who may be having difficulties in their relationships.

Bukunmi recently posted a message on Instagram in which she urged husbands to take a stand for their cheating wives. She suggests that their husbands may be going through difficult times and would appreciate their prayers and encouragement.

She pleaded, “PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR WIFE IF SHE IS SLEEPING AROUND.” TO THE WAR ROOM. It’s possible that this has a spiritual explanation. She could be dealing with a lot at the moment. Nothing exists that God cannot make happen. AVOID BEING THE KIND OF PERSON WHO SAYS “NOBODY DEY ADVISE MEN.

Since then, Bukunmi’s followers have had varying reactions to her message.

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