“I’ll never take my kids again.” Mercy Johnson vows, laments motherhood

Mercy Johnson Okojie, a popular Nollywood actress, recently revealed her displeasure with the challenges of parenthood.

The actress has been spending the holidays with her family and keeping them occupied, but she has been moaning about how difficult it is to drag them out of the house.


The mother of four claims that her children are constantly complaining about or asking for something.

The majority of the time, she wants to stop taking them out and makes mental promises to do so.

She probed the moms there to see if they could empathize with her predicament.

Who can understand? As in my thoughts eh. I have decided to end all future dates with them. Sunday swaying with the Imobios….. All the best to you on this lovely Sunday.

How Mercy Johnson occupies her children every day

Mercy Johnson recently discussed her holiday plans for her four children.

Mercy Johnson’s fondness for children is no longer news, and despite her busy schedule, she makes time to spend with her own children.

Sharing a video of her with a water pipe with her kids beside her lying facing a bowl filled with water, Mercy Johnson stated that she has been looking for a creative way to keep her busy during the holidays.

The actress revealed that her husband, Prince Odi Okojie, often spanks their son, despite her repeated requests that he refrain from doing so.

The mother of four who isn’t slowing down has begged her followers to suggest exciting places for her and her children to visit.

If @princeodiokojie spanked my Henry any less, you’d see what I mean. Keeping @theokojiekids occupied over break is a must.the loading of further games….Where to take the kids for a good time, according to Biko.

Mercy Johnson expresses her frustration with her children’s whining.

Last year, Mercy Johnson was unhappy with her children’s behavior during their international trip.

At the airport on their way to the United States, the actress and her children declined Mercy’s request to help carry her luggage.

Mercy Johnson bemoaned that they griped about the weight of the luggage.

Mercy posted the humorous video to her Facebook with the remark,

They’re moaning because they have to carry baggage again. soon the U.S.A.

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