The Secret to Mother-In-law Daughter-In-law Relationship



You’ll hear a lot of wives complaining about their husbands’ mothers, but they never bring up their own attitudes, personalities, behaviors, and so on when they do so.

Secret To Mother In-law Daughter In-law Relationship

A common misperception that many people bring into marriage is the idea that their future mother-in-law will inevitably be evil. This is not the case at all. Although I acknowledge that there are a few mothers-in-law who are problematic, I also believe that there are a lot of wives who act inappropriately.

They turn to social media to push one-sided narratives, knowing that there are people online eager to back them because they tend to be more outspoken, energetic, and technology aware. This is fortunate for them because it allows them to advance their agenda.

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I counsel many mothers in law and hope things can be better but a lot of wives are also terrible.

If you find something missing in your relationship with your mother in law, begin by asking yourself what you can do better then go on to ask how you’d handle her if she was your biological mother because as it is, she’s your husband’s mother.

If you are a mother, you already know how influential a mother can be on her children. You need all that influence working for you not against you.

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